"This Is Fetlife" Podcast Interview

What an honour it has been to be representing Southeast Asia and my region, guest starring in a new interview show, "This Is Fetlife", featuring the top influencers in kink, BDSM and the adult industry. Released a day before my birthday, this is a wonderful early gift indeed.

🎙️Queen Cobra — Becoming A Kink Model, The Tastiest Subs, and Spotting True Predators Queen Cobra talks pet play as a pre-teen (and why she still loves it)... helping battered men... growing a kinky personal brand... and why Asian FemDoms get all the subs... "If I'm playing with someone and we're not laughing, I think there's something wrong with the session." Hosted by the #1 Most-Viewed Sensual Masseur in Porn, Brian 'Hunk Hands' Crabtree.


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