Athlete Empowerment - Celebrating Diversity

Athletes come in different shapes and different sizes. This is the first in a series of photographs by Kimmun 朱建文. He made an observation, that most of my artists give me makeup that made me look less "me" - the heavily "winged" eyeliner, high arched brows, pale skin and thick dark lipstick. This time, he wanted to draw focus to my slanted Chinese eyes, celebrate my Asian features, and transform me into a bronze goddess. Do something that was "less posed, more effortless". Lately I see alot of controversial posts and alot of comments about body shaming and body issues. And I think it is pretty sad when it occurs even at the level of Olympians. As someone who grew up fat shamed, and subsequently had issues with body dysmorphia and obsessive, compulsive exercise followed by binge eating, I feel strongly about this. If it is rude to call a woman "fat" these days, why is it OK to call someone a "skinny bitch", or to call female bodybuilders "disgusting" and "weird"? Or even pit them against one another? I'm not exactly ripped or lean. I don't have a chiselled 6-pack. Never had - and used to think I was worthless because I didn't. I'm not tall, lithe and willowy like many models. I'm not your typical petite, cute Asian chick either. But posing nude has taught me how to look at a human body, and my body differently. With confidence, acceptance, love, and freedom like no other.

This is my body. This is my home. And this is what I can create with it.

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